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Stucco Remediation is our newest service.  We are taking our mold remediation experience and using it to address the prevalent stucco failures that are occurring in our area. Mold behind your walls may be coming from your water that has made its way behind your siding and onto the plywood panels which seems to be the primary cause of stucco fails during home inspections. Our services are provided in the following surrounding  Pennsylvania Counties: Chester County, Philadelphia PA, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Berks.

What Is Stucco Remediation?

Stucco Remediation is the removal and replacement of stucco siding that has been damaged by water that has managed to get behind it. And then caused the deterioation of the plywood panels or other material that the concrete stucco has been applied to or overlayed. We explain in further detail below as to why you should remediate and not just try to repair it.

Stucco Mold Problems – Moisture Issues With Stucco Siding

Because stucco is such a porous material, it can easily absorb and retain water. This is the main reason why stucco siding is so prone to mold, and is also the reason why many older homes in the Northeast routinely deal with stucco mold problems.

Stucco siding is made from three materials – lime, cement and water. This siding is applied in several layers on top of a base made of lath. As a result, the exterior of a house has the appearance of being seamless and strong.

Unfortunately, if the stucco is not applied to the home correctly, moisture intrusion can occur and can cause water retention. Once water begins to settle in the siding and the walls behind the stucco siding, the perfect breeding ground will be in place for the growth of mold. Mold is not just a discolored stain, it can also pose significant health risks for the occupants of the house.

Stucco And Mold – A Bad Combination

Mold damage is one of the most common types of stucco damage. Many homeowners attribute faulty construction for the issues that they deal with regarding stucco siding.

This type of mold damage occurs when moisture is able to seep in and remain trapped behind the stucco. Many house inspectors are able to spot obvious signs of mold growth when it comes to stucco such as wood rot. By peeling away the stucco rotting wood and mold are typically the first signs that an inspector will see. They are also the only signs that an inspector needs to see to know that the house has a major mold problem.

Preventing Mold Growth

If your home has stucco siding, you have two options you can choose from to avoid and prevent mold problems. You can either choose to keep your house well-maintained and have your home inspected every few years, or you can replace the stucco siding with another material.

When inspecting your home for stucco mold problems, look for the tell-tale signs that moisture has entered your home. Look for peeling paint, warped wood, condensation and discoloration. These are all signs that your house could have a major mold problem.

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