Structural Repairs

If you have found that your home’s foundation is in need of Structural Repairs in PA or NJ because you see cracks or gaps in the foundation. Call us before the problem gets worse.  The unfortunate fact about homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey is that they are susceptible to the ground becoming unstable.

This is due to the fact that a lot of homes are built on a soil that is made up of multiple layers that allow the water to saturate causing it to shift and move. These attributes along with the fact that we do get a fair amount of rain in the area at times and that does not help your situation.

And rain is not the only culprit when it comes to your home’s foundation! Snow can wreak havoc on your home’s structure by saturating the ground which can cause the foundation walls to bow from the force being placed on the outside walls.

This will make the walls either lean in or bow in from the pressure from the ground being forced from all of the water build-ups. Once you have cracks or gaps in the foundation and the water starts to seep in, the water will start to deteriorate the foundation.

This will start that downward spiral of the foundation becoming more unstable as it starts to lose is holding strength.

As the foundation degrades it will become unable to maintain the load that is placed on it and it will eventually fail! You don’t have to wait till that time comes. Do it now before it becomes even more expensive to repair the structure.

How can you tell if you need structural or foundation repair?

  1. If you see cracks on your foundation inside or outside.
  2. You have been struggling with windows or doors that didn’t get stuck before
  3. Your chimney is leaning or has cracks in it
  4. Cracks formed around doors or windows
  5. Leaks in basement or crawl spaces when there was none prior

What Can Morgan Basement Waterproofing do to repair my home’s foundation?

We will perform the most up to date procedures and proven products that will sure up your home’s walls. Usually, this consists of bracing the walls with straps that are made to withstand the pressure that is placed on the walls from the thrust of the ground pressing against it.

These braces are made of a carbon steel composite that will be able to handle the load placed on them. The techniques that are used depends on what size the cracks are, and the direction that they are going. If they are vertical then we would place the braces a certain way, and if they are horizontal then they would require the braces to be placed in another setup.

While the unbelievably strong braces provide the needed strength to hold the walls in place, we also will add an epoxy that adds strength to them and make them even stronger. This added measure assures us that your homes structural will be repaired to better than new. Call Morgan Today to Schedule a Free Inspection and Consultation at 610.696.0100 or Toll Free: 877.401.4777 

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Google Review

Jim and his crew did a fantastic job on our exterior wall foundation. It was compromised and need to be shored up. This was a delicate job that required the experience to remove and replace the foundation wall without it collapsing while being replaced. I would highly recommend them.

Bill B.

Homeowner, 5 Star Google Review

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