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Foundation Repairs

Foundation repairs and their cost will be based on how damaged your home foundation has become. Because of the severity of the cracks or structural damage that may or may not be a complete failure of the structure. If you are looking for a contractor that has the experience to determine how much damage has been done to the foundation.

Then Morgan Basement Waterproofing should be a contractor to consider. With over 35 years of working on home structures. We have the experience to do the job right the first time. We are fully insured and are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. You can get a free inspection and estimate from us to determine what type of damage you have to the concrete structure.

Things to look for that show signs of structural damage

If you are experiencing problems with your home such as cracks around the doors, windows, and even basement floors. Are there cracks in and on the foundation of your home from it settling after a few years shifting?  If the cracks go through to the inside or outside there is potential for it to collapse. You should seek professional advice on the severity of the cracks and determine what type of work will need to be done.

If the cracks in the foundation require repairs because the crack goes all the way through the foundation. It will probably require the need to excavate around the home’s foundation to access and repair the outside crack. If you see damage on the outside and also on the inside in the same area, then you will probably need to repair both sides.

The cost of the repairs that will be needed to your home will go up dramatically if the contractor has to bring in heavy machinery to access the crack(s) that may be below the ground. If the basement waterproofing contractor needs to use hydraulic piercings to secure the home that will also drive up the cost of the project.


Morgan’s foundation repair division has been repairing foundation cracks, bowing walls, and structural foundation integrity issues for over 35 years. Call us today for a no-obligation FREE Inspection and Estimate. 610.696.0100 or 877.401.4777


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Providing expert & trusted Waterproofing, Foundation Repair, Mold Remediation & Removal. Serving Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, & Delaware for almost 40 years. Call 877.401.4777 or 610.696.0100 to schedule an appointment or to get more information on our services.

Google Review

Jim and his crew did a fantastic job on our exterior wall foundation. It was compromised and need to be shored up. This was a delicate job that required the experience to remove and replace the foundation wall without it collapsing while being replaced. I would highly recommend them.

Bill B.

Homeowner, 5 Star Google Review

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