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Exterior Waterproofing

 How does water enter your basement or crawl space?

Expert Exterior Waterproofing Contractors

Exterior waterproofing is one of the best ways you can prevent water from entering your home. Unlike interior waterproofing which allows the water to enter your homes foundation, window wells, or basement walls

The water is moved away from the outside foundation of the structure. This is accomplished through excavating the outside perimeter of the foundation around the building and installing drains to move to daylight. Digging will have to occur to accomplish this, but extreme care is taken during this process to assure the aesthetic outside appearance to your home/office/school can return to its previous condition is less time.

The best way to accomplish this with successful results is to contact us and we can come to your location and give you a FREE estimate for the installation of an exterior water management system.

We here at Morgan Waterproofing and Roofing have the experience to do this expertly and affordable. Contact at 610.696.0100 or 877.401.4777 or email us at for a Free Estimate. We service all of the Philadelphia suburbs and we have offices in Malvern and West Chester PA.

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After buying our first house we soon found out that the stucco siding was not in good shape. My dad has used Jim for years and recommended we give him a call to discuss what our options were. We decided to get new siding and couldn’t be happier. The siding has given us peace of mind and curb appeal that has made our neighbors jealous. We would recommend Morgan to anyone who asks us who did the work.

Kristina W.

Homeowner, 5 Star Google Review

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