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 Basement Waterproofing South Jersey for over 30 years, we here at Morgan Basement Waterproofing have done literally 1000s of waterproofing repairs in Camden, Vineland, Cumberland Counties and more.

If  you need Foundation or Crawl Space Waterproofing in South New Jersey choose Morgan Waterproofing to get the job done right. Jim Holleran owns and operates Morgan, this is a family owned operation and not a franchise like a lot of NJ Basement Waterproofing Companies. You will speak directly with him and get the best price possible because we aren’t sharing the profits with a Franchise company. 

We offer a Free Estimate so you can find out your Basement Waterproofing Costs  or Crawl Space Waterproofing Costs for your Southern New Jersey home.

Basement Waterproofing  in South Jersey can involve your basement or crawl space depending on where you live in New Jersey. We specialize in Water Damage Repairs, so it doesn’t matter if its your foundation, basement floors, or crawl spaces that are getting wet.  Morgan Waterproofing Contractors can handle the job. 

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Basement Waterproofing South Jersey

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Crawl Space Tips

Quick and easy way to help alleviate a Wet Crawl Space is to place a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier on the walls of the space.

This will help with waterproofing the crawl space area. 

Check out this handy Do It Yourself Video and see if it’s something you can handle on your own.

After viewing and you decide that maybe you prefer someone to do it for you. Let Morgan Basement Waterproofing handle the work and save you the time and effort.

We offer Free Estimates and can be at your home or business within 24 hours of your call at (877) 401-4777 or click to email.


As you know, the winter months are ending and due to lack of snow in the Northeastern United States, including our area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, you probably didn’t have too many water intrusions. Does that mean your Basement Waterproofing should be ignored?

Answer: Not even close!

It’s getting warmer our and April is approaching. In a previous blog, we detail what to expect with the April rainy season, but you need to prepare now. Identifying areas of potential distress now before it rains can help you diagnose and seek remedy before too much damage.

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Winter is the perfect for Philadelphia Basement Waterproofing

Your Mold Remediation Philadelphia area needs are becoming more than an inconvenience; it’s becoming a health issue. Mold Removal in your Philadelphia area home is more important than ever. Once you have your mold issue addressed, the big consideration you need to address is Basement Waterproofing, and home waterproofing your home.

Philadelphia area homeowners with basement waterproofing concerns don’t comprehend that there is an issue until they have flooded basements or garages. In winter, there is still rain and moisture, including melting and refreezing snow. The problem becomes waterproofing problems that have accumulated over time, in many cases years and years. One bad storm, or storm upon storm, then a melt off and the issues become a disaster and an emergency.

Sure the wall may look fine, the ground dry now – inside your home. Take a look outside and see the potential crisis waiting to happen. Backed up drains, pools of water collecting at the foundation.  It’s the recipe for unexpected flooding in your home.

So, in Winter, most people tend to ignore or put off servicing issues because it can’t be done, right?

Most service requests come in Spring and Fall, but waiting until flooding occurs can cause additional issues. Foundation weakening and damage, interior wall, carpet or worse – your belongings.

Even though there is still wet, drenching weather patterns in Winter, along with Summer, Winter is one of the dryer seasons. Flooding is easier to service and control in dryer months so it’s actually on of the best times to schedule services. Why wait? A professional Basement Waterproofing service will have all the appropriate equipment to service the job during any time of year. There’s no need for worry if you chose the proper contractor to perform the job. Also, since most people wait until Spring and Fall, less customers will fill the schedule meaning you will be able to make an appointment faster and one that accommodates your schedule.

Set up a FREE onsite evaluation and estimate today and don’t wait until it’s too late. The water won’t wait to do it’s damage, let us help remove it from your home.