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Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing

Waterproofing Services

With over 35 years of experience in the Waterproofing Industry in PA & NJ. Morgan Basement Waterproofing provides the expertise at getting and keeping your basement dry. With our affordable pricing and numerous 5 Star Ratings with Angie’s List, you can count on us providing professional top notch service. Whether it’s Exterior or Indoor Waterproofing Morgan has you covered! Call Today and Get A FREE Inspection & Estimate Call 610.696.0100

Concrete Foundation and Structural Repairs

Structural Repair Contractors

Structural or Foundation Damage can lead to water seeping into your basement or crawl spaces. The gaps or cracks in your foundation allow water in. We are experts at Structural Repairs and we will quote you an affordable price to repair the damage. Don’t delay and have your home require even more work to repair the damage Call 610.696.0100 today for a Free Inspection

Mold Remediation and Removal Services

Stucco & Mold Remediation

Stucco and Mold Remediation Specialists. If your home has failed a home inspection due to your stucco siding or mold in other parts of your home. Let the experts at Morgan help you solve you mold issues. The mold that is causing the problem can be removed and remediated which can help you salvage the sale of your home.  Call us today for a Free Inspection or Estimate at 610.696.0100

Other Services We Provide

Bowing Wall Repair

For over 35 years Morgan has been providing top quality Bowing Wall Repairs. Our professional contractors will seek out your problem and then determine the best fix to solve it with the most affordable solution. If your basement walls have bowing, or are cracking from the pressure of the soil surrounding your home’s foundation. Call the experts at Morgan Basement Waterproofing and they will provide a Free Inspection when you call us at 610.696.0100

Cracked Foundation Repair

Horizontal or stairstep looking cracks in your foundation could mean that your home’s foundation has started to shift. Foundation cracks can also mean that your may have water seeping into your home but haven’t made an intrusion all the way through the walls yet. Concrete block foundations can be compromised due to this common settling problem because they are stack and held together by mortar. Over time the mortar can deteriorate from the moisture from groundwater and from the expanding and contracting mortar. Call us today if you suspect your home may have cracks that could threaten the stability of your foundation at 610.696.0100 for a FREE Inspection

Settling Foundation

How can you tell if your foundation has settled incorrectly?
– If you see cracks on your concrete foundation inside or outside.
– You find now that your windows or doors are hard to open or won’t open as easily
– Your chimney may be leaning, has cracks or missing bricks
– You see cracks have now formed around doors or windows
– Basement Walls or Windows have developed leaks

Egress Windows

So what is a Basement Egress Window? Well, and Basement Egress Window is a simply a way for someone to escape from your basement if there was an emergency like a fire. It is usually a framed piece of glazed or translucent material that allows light into the dwelling. In most states now if you are going to create a bedroom in the basement you will need an egress window to meet the code standards. We here at Morgan can install an Egress Window in your home in normally a day or two at the most as long as the weather is good. Call us today at 610.696.0100 for a FREE Estimate.

Reviews From Angie’s List

Tom Starr. Rating: 5 – Star Review
We just had Morgan Basement Waterproofing & Mold Repair out to work on our crawl space for our draining system and mold remediation and we could be more pleased with all who were involved. The crew who came out to work on our drain system worked so well as a team and kept me informed on all issues or just to show me where they were at in the process. The team that came out to work on the mold repair and prevention were just as awesome!! If you are looking for quality work done by true experts, this is the company you want working on your biggest investment!!! Great Job!!!!

They were prompt and professional to give us a free, competitive bid and clear explanation of what they proposed to do. We were able to schedule the work quickly thereafter. They sent in a team to jack-hammer the floor, drill drainage holes in the blocks, lay the drain, construct the rebar columns, and cement it back together.

Cyndi Deloof Rating: A
We have a basement that part is unfinished and part has been finished. The basement had been finished prior to us buying the house.The previous owners had a few foundation cracks fixed professionally and we have not had any problems. We started to notice when it rained there was one spot where the carpet was damp in the finished part so we assumed there may be a small crack in the foundation behind the drywall.

We made a call and Jim responded quickly and set a day and time to come out and give us an estimate. He was prompt, did a thorough job of explaining how he would fix the wall, we signed a contract and set up a date to have the work completed. The work was completed as discussed, the downstairs was left in perfect condition and we have had rain since and NO LEAK! We were very impressed not only with their work but their professionalism. We would definitely recommend Morgan!

Lisa Millhous. Rating: A
They were prompt and professional to give us a free, competitive bid and clear explanation of what they proposed to do. We were able to schedule the work quickly thereafter. They sent in a team to jack-hammer the floor, drill drainage holes in the blocks, lay the drain, construct the rebar columns, and cement it back together.

They arrived promptly, worked efficiently, were organized and neat. When they had to accommodate different quirks of the basement (e.g. unable to get under a footer in one location, slanted floors meant not enough room to cover the drain in another location, determining the location of the new sump pump) they updated us and explained what needed to be done. A second, smaller crew was scheduled to scrape paint, sanitize mold, and paint the walls with mold inhibitor. Overall this was a very positive experience. I would recommend them and use them again.

Patricia Wright. Rating: A
I watch everything they did and they did a very nice job of installation. Everything was done exactly as it was supposed to be done. They drilled holes in the block wall to allow the wall to drain and put mirror drain along the wall so it would not clog up. They even put a layer of plastic on top of the gravel to help keep the cement from cracking after it was poured. The next day they came in and scraped the block wall and treated the walls with a mixture of bleach and peroxide.

They also painted the wall twice with Zinsser paint. The guarantee I was given was also transferable. So if I ever sell the house, they are covered under my guarantee. They will also come back the first 2 years and flush my system out for free if I want them to. I had waited to put a review online until we really had a hard rain. Last night it was a downpour. You could hardly see outside it was raining so hard. It went on for hours. The sump pump went off every 3 minutes. I was timing it. This morning it was every 9 minutes. Now it’s far less. I also found out from a neighbor that the houses were built on top of an underground spring. A little something else the owner neglected to mention. The sump pump he installed is MUCH quieter than the one that was there. The one that is there can be heard throughout the entire house when it goes off. Every time I had a question or had to contact Jim he either answered immediately or got right back to me.

Bryan Spiegelberg Rating: A
We recently purchased a house — the sellers left us with a wet, moldy crawlspace that needed to be dried, cleaned up, and protected. Jim and his team did a great job before, during, and now after the job. The job itself was very difficult for the team for a variety of reasons, but they worked through it in a timely manner and stuck with the original estimate.

The system has only been in for a week or so, but we are confident that it is of high quality. We’re also confident that if there are any problems with the system, Morgan will be there to make it right. This is a professional company that does a professional job.

Walter Phillips. Rating: A
Would Hire Again.

Marhsall Portnoy. Rating: A
Extremely Well.

Bobby 5 Stars Rating on Thumbtack Review Dated: 02/26/2017
They stuck to the time frame and cost they estimated me. The end result was great. My whole basement is completely mold free and clean. They gutting everything, cleaned up and painted so the basement looks better then it ever has before. Highly recommended!

French Drainage Systems

French Drains are a cost-effective way of keeping your basement dry. The methodology is to divert the water down to the drainage system that has “weep hole” piping that can then be channeled to mechanical pumps that will remove the water to the outside or you can just let the water drain into the ground if you don’t have a water table issue to deal with. While French Drainage Systems are an effective way of diverting the water from flooding your basement floors.

French Drainage Systems also known as Baseboard Drainage Systems have been around for 40-50 years and are considered on of the most effective as well cost-effective ways of keeping your home’s basement dry and clean. These methods are called Interior Waterproofing and the methods are widely used throughout the industry. The only issue with this as well as most interior waterproofing methods is they actually still allow the water to enter your home and then it’s diverted. Whenever possible you should consider using an Exterior Waterproofing method such as sealing your foundation perimeter from the outside so as to prevent any water from entering your home in the first place. Call Morgan for a FREE Inspection and Estimate at 610.696.0100 or in NJ. 732.777.7888

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior Basement Waterproofing is a much more labor intensive project and unfortunately so is the cost associated with it. Although you are paying much more up front for an exterior waterproofing project you will more than likely end your basement water intrusions for good! It requires digging out around your home with heavy equipment to expose the foundation so the walls can be waterproofed with a sealant that will make sure the water has nowhere to penetrate the foundation.

There are many materials that are used to to keep water from penetrating your home’s basement walls. Waterproofing Membranes which come in liquid form are applied to wht foundation and push back the water. They do degrade over time but combined with a properly installed exterior drainage system and adding a sealant to the wall before the membrane they will last for a very long time. But again it has to be said that exterior waterproofing of your home’s foundation is the best way to keep your basement clean and dry. Call Morgan for a FREE Inspection and Estimate at 610.696.0100 or in NJ. 732.777.7888

Sump Pumps

The majority of basement flooding problems are caused by hydrostatic pressure building up & coming into the floor/ wall cove joint. This can be rectified by installing a basement drainage system to remove the ground water away from the foundation.
Ask yourself these questions: Are the sump pumps in my home over 2 years old?
Have these been properly installed by a professional?

Sump pumps should run on the correct pump cycle for what it was designed for. If a pump was installed in an inadequatedly sized sump hole (pit), the pump will run on very short periods of time and then turn off, this often leads to it turning on and off in minutes and possible immediately after shutting off. This will lead to the pump failing far short of it’s expected lifetime.

Sump pump motors generally will last for years and years with the motor being capable of running for hours. The usual culprit in all of this is the pump switch which is prone to malfunction. This switch if it manages to stick…it will burn itself out. And if the switch does not work when the pump is supposed to turn on, this will lead to your basement floor flooding!

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